Travel FAQ

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Excess baggage is extra weight of baggage which exceeds the maximum weight allowed. The baggage weight must not exceed 20kgs for economy class and 10kgs for ATR flights. Excess baggage will be charged based on existing rule.
  • Each passenger has one seat number and required to be seated based on the number.
  • Passengers are required to switch off their mobile phones during any Sriwijaya Air flight. The use of mobile phone may interrupt aircraft navigation system and lead to a fatal incident.
  • The use of laptops and other electronic devices are only allowed after takeoff and before landing.
  • All Sriwijaya Air flights are non smoking flights.
  • Sriwijaya Air provides snacks, hot meals (for long haul flights) and drinks.
  • Child passenger is within 2-12 years old.
  • Infant passenger is between 7 days - 23 months, with waist not more than 40cm and head may not be higher than the adult’s lower nose.
Unfortunately, pet and animals are not allowed in the cabin or as the accompanied baggage of passengers
You may contact Sriwijaya Air Call Center at 021-292 79 777 or 0804 1 777 777 or find our nearest sales office here.
  • A pregnant passenger up to 32 weeks of pregnancy is allowed to fly.
  • A medical certificate of pregnancy must be presented.
  • Must sign statement letter that has been provided at the branch office or airport.
  • You can reserve your ticket through several channels:
  • 24 hours Call Center 021-292 79 777 atau 0804 1 777 777.
  • Sriwijaya Air sales offices (click here to find the nearest Sriwijaya Air sales office).
  • List of Sriwijaya Air destination airports.
  • Online booking at www.sriwijayaair.co.id
  • Nearest travel agency.
  • Ticket booking in Sriwijaya Air official website offers several payment methods, including ATM, Internet Banking and Credit Cards. If you choose ATM, the system will send a payment code to your email that will be required when you conducting your payment on ATMs.
  • If you choose Internet Banking, you need to look for Sriwijaya Air on E-Commerce Payment menu. Please find more details here.
  • Ticket payment from travel agencies may be vary and depends on each agency's policy. Please contact your favorite travel agency to find out more about the payment details.
Passengers with special needs such as stretcher, have to reserve their tickets with special procedures. Please find the nearest Sriwijaya Air sales office from the contact list. When making the reservation, you will be required to:

  • Showing medical certificate that describes the condition to our staff.
  • Signing an official letter from Sriwijaya Air regarding the special need.
  • Be accompanied by at least one or two adults.
Schedule changes and flight cancelation might occur due to technical and safety issues. When it happens, we go through technical procedures to fix the problem and arrange replacement flight schedule as soon as possible. Passengers will be informed by phone and announcements at the local airport.
  • Schedule changes, passenger info changes and ticket cancelation regulations depend on each class of the ticket. Before buying ticket, please read the detailed rules of the ticket to avoid unnecessary errors.
  • Online ticket booking does not enable passengers to edit names after transaction. Please make sure that all the passenger information are correct before submitting.
  • Bring your e-ticket or printed ticket, it will be required to enter the airport check in area.
  • Make sure that your ID card is valid and ready to be verified in check in counter. For international flight passengers, you have to own passport and visa (when needed).
  • Passengers need to complete the check-in process at least 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to flight schedule to prevent flight delays.
  • Check in can be done in the airport check in counter.
  • The maximum baggage allowed is 20kgs for economy class and 10kgs for ATR flights. Excess baggage will be charged depends on the existing rule.
  • We suggest you to put extra wrap for your baggage to ensure that your belonging is safe.
  • For your convenience, we suggest you not to store your valuables inside the baggage.