Dear All Travel Agent Partner,


Regarding revision rules of extra baggage for Sriwijaya Air and NAM Air passengers, effective Sept 14th 2023 – UFN.


  1. Free Baggage Allowance

Adult passengers and children are entitled to free carry-on baggage weighing:

  • Aircraft Type Jet (Boeing) 20 KG.
  • Free Baggage Allowance may change according to Company policy.


  1. Additional Free Baggage Allowance

Passengers who carry the following items receive an additional baggage weight of 5 kg per passenger on the flight;

  • Sport Equipment; including diving equipment, golf equipment and bicycles
  • Zam-zam water


  1. Passengers who bring Surfboards apply the following conditions :
  • Surfboard weight is not included in Free Baggage (FBA) and Prepaid Baggage (Prepaid Baggage)
  • Tariffs for Surfboards are in accordance with the applicable EBT rates with a weight discount of 5 KG per board
  • The Surfboard baggage check-in process must be carried out separately from the passenger baggage check-in process
  • Maximum surfboard length 230 cm and width 60 cm
  • If irregularities occur during the flight, the surfboard fee can be refunded